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Web Chat Information

Web Chat settings are retained between visits unless you clear your temporary internet files, use a different browser or computer.

Below are some details around the Web Chat client and how to use it.
You can add the Web Chat to your page and link it to your room by using a link like the following: https://wc2.tochat.org/<#channel> (IE https://wc2.tochat.org/#Lobby )
With web chat you only remain logged in as long as your browser window/tab remains open.
You'll then "Quit" from the server and people will see your quit message.

Web Chat uses SSL for Encryption and connects to the chat server using encryption.

When first launching you'll be prompted for your nick and Channel. Password is only required for special circumstances and can be ignored.

Once connected you will be joined to a channel.
Take the time right away to identify to NickServ to log in.
Top Left Gear Icon allows you to choose client options like look, sounds. Aliases give you general quick commands.

Left side is list of channels (#Lobby) and private chats you have open. Click the X when hovering over them to part and close channels/private messages.

Right side shows 3 options.
i = Displays Channel Information.
people icon = displays users in the channel and their level/role in the room
Gear Icon = Gives you additional control options for the channel permitted you were given access.

Bottom Bar:
Where you can type in your message or command
Bottom right Emoji Icon = Displays available emojis and inserts them into message.

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