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TO Chat Basic FAQ

IRC in short stands for Internet Relay Chat.
IRC is a long used and supported chat platform.

IRC is used for relaying text based chat that clients can interpret and display.
Web Chat is a client used to connect to IRC and assists in managing and displaying additional content.
ChanServ stands for Channel Services. ChanServ provides channel registration and ownership.
A variety of commands are available by typing /chanserv HELP in your chat window.
NickServ stands for Nickname Services. NickServ allows you to register/own your current nickname. It is used in verifying you are who you say you are.

NickServ has additional commands by typing /NickServ HELP in your chat window.
MemoServ is a messaging service. It allows you to send messages to an offline user. They'll get notified they have a message waiting when they log into NickServ next.

Use /MemoServ HELP for more commands.
If you forget your NickServ password you can have it be reset and sent to you by typing /NickServ RESETPASS

Must be the e-mail on file.

Any troubles reach out to the #HelpDesk for assistance.
NickServ registrations after 30 days if not used.
If you do not verify your e-mail NickServ registrations expire after 24 hours.

ChanServ registrations expire after 14 days of owner and/or staff not joining the channel.

If they do expire you can simply re-register before someone else does.
There are a variety of channel modes for your use in your channel. Below is some of the basic ones used. There are more advanced options to be disclosed later.
Channel modes are added by using /mode <#channel> +
Channel modes are removed by using /mode <#channel> -

Popular Channel Modes:
+m = Moderated Chat (Only Voiced users and above can chat)
+n = No outside messages from the channel. VERY COMMON and recommended to be used.
+t = Limits setting the channel topic to channel staff/ops.
+s = Prevents channel from showing up in the channel list. STAFF can still see channels even if this mode is set.
+r = Restricts the channel to those who are identified to NickServ. Helpful if outsiders are joining and trying to spam.
+i = Invite only channel. Limits the channel access to those who receive an invite or are on the invite list.
+k = Sets a password for the channel. Users must use /join <#channel> to join the channel.

For controlling users (outside of the GUI) /mode <#channe> +/- :
IE: /mode #Lobby +v Kusau
+v = Gives user a voice. Allows user to speak in moderated room.
+h = Half Op the specified user. Cannot control staff operator and above.
+o = Gives specified user op status. Can kick, change topic, Ban, etc..

You can replace the (+) with a (-) to remove the specified channel-user mode.
IE /mode #Lobby -v Kusau
If using an official channel you'll need to speak with Network Staff.
If it is a private channel you should work with that channel's staff to find out why you're banned and to get it remove.

Network Staff will not intervene if you're banned from another user's channel.
Flooding in short is the sending of messages in rapid succession to disrupt the flow of a chat room.

If you're encountering flooding in your channel a quick response would be to kick-ban the offender. This will stop the messages and prevent the offender from rejoining.

You can also set a channel mode to limit how fast someone can chat.
/mode <#channel> +F normal
The above command will limit to the users joining to 30 times in 15 seconds.
The above command also will limit 40 messages within 15 seconds.
The above command also will limit to 8 nick changes within 15 seconds.

If flooding continues the server will take additional actions.
It may apply Channel Mode +R (Registered nicks only), Channel Mode +M (Only Registered or Voiced users can speak), or Channel Mode +N (No Nick Changes Allowed while on channel)
These modes are temporary and are lifted after 15 minutes.

If you continue to have troubles then try setting +i (Invite only) for a brief period.

Also you can reach out to staff and see if they can help.
There could be several reasons why you cannot connect. Below are some of them.

1.) Page cannot be displayed
a.) Check your internet connection and try again. Also possible connection is being blocked by ISP, Firewall, etc.

2.) I get a message saying I'm K/Z/G-lined.
a.) This is a ban from connecting to the server. This can result from an automated or manual ban. Most bans will automatically expire after a short period unless the event was severe. You can also reach out to Staff via the forums to find out why you were banned and to appeal it.

3.) I'm using a third party client and cannot connect.
a.) Only approved individuals can connect using Third Party clients. You may not be approved if you're trying to use one.
b.) Third Party clients require a password to connect. Yours may have expired, you need one or the password you're providing is incorrect.

4.) Other...
a.) Reach out to staff on the portal to assist with troubleshooting.
The chat uses SSL to encrypt communication. The Web Chat Client itself is using HTTPS, the connection it makes to the server uses SSL. While we restrict as much to secure channels it is impossible to guarantee everything is secure. Messages you send to another person may not be secure. Also other users chat connections log the messages on their computer for a period and can be read there.

We do everything we can to secure communications. However you should limit your disclosure of sensitive information.
When you connect and join a channel your hostname/ip information is relayed into chat.
Your ident and hostname or IP is provided to chat.
Hostnames and IPs are commonly used to set a ban or add to invite list of a channel.

If you don't want someone to see your IP or hostname then don't worry. Only Staff can see your true IP or hostname.
When you connect your hostname/IP is masked. Meaning part of it is obfuscated to a 'code'. That code is unique to your connection so invites and bans can still be set. It doesn't change each time your connected.
In short, no... people cannot see your true IP or Hostname unless you remove the protection.
A vHost is a virtual host. It is a vanity item that allows you to hide your hostname/masked hostname.
I.E. vHost: Kusau.Is.Cool.Com
so you might see Kusau join as Kusau(*@kusau.is.cool.com)

To request a virtual hostname Follow these steps:
In chat type: /hostserv request

Standard rules apply and if you request to change it to frequently you will get blocked. (Limit to 1 vHost request per 7 days)
If used to evade a ban then hostserv will be blocked.
There are a few reasons you may not get an e-mail. Below are the common reasons and some possibilities as to what you can do.

1.) E-mail was sent to SPAM folder or quarantined by e-mail host.
a.) Check your client settings to allow [email protected].
b.) Work with your e-mail provider to ensure they're not blocking or quarantining e-mails.

2.) Your e-mail address was misspelled or is no longer valid.
a.) Wait until registration expires and re-register your nick.
b.) We will not modify accounts outside of sending password resets.
c.) use /nickserv set email to update your e-mail when logged in. Use this should your e-mail address change.

3.) Your e-mail address was banned.
a.) You can request an appeal for this but otherwise no action for you to take.
There are a couple ways you can join channels.
1.) Click the channel name if listed in chat or a message. Channels start with #
2.) Bring up a list of channels by using the command /list . Then click on the desired channel
3.) Type /join <#Channel> (IE /join #Lobby).

To leave a channel:
1.) In active channel type command /part
2.) Type /part <#channel> (IE /part #Lobby)
On the forums individuals can post an advertisement post in the appropriate forum for recruitment.
Other option is to use the /list command.
Keep in mind rooms marked secret (+s) will not show up in a /list.
If you're finding that your nickname is being changed to Guest shortly after connecting this would indicate that someone registered the nickname and you'll need to choose another.
It is also possible that if it is your registered nickname that you are not identifying to it.
Simple command to do this:
IE: /nick Foobar
The answer is yes and no.
Typically content posted in channels is not logged unless specifically flagged for history replay. That information is regularly purged.
In Short, TO Chat generally does not keep logs of chats. Another user however might keep a log of the chat.

There are a couple basic times logs are kept.
1.) Your interactions with Services
2.) Your connection information to/from the server.
3.) History setting in chat
4.) Another user may keep logs.
5.) When connected via Web Chat the client will keep a log of the messages you've seen while connected. Once closed that history is gone. Not a permanent log.

That is not all inclusive but generally the only times there are logs.
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