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Server Services FAQ

NickServ allows users to 'register' a nickname and stop others from using that nick.
NickServ allows the owner of a nickname to disconnect a user from the network that is using their nickname.
NickServ nicks expire after 30 days of no use. Thus allows the nickname to be reregistered.

Nickserv commands begin with /NickServ
ChanServ gives normal users the ability to maintain control of a channel without the need of a bot.
Channel takeovers are virtually impossible when a channel is registered with ChanServ.
Registration is a quick and painless process. Once registered the founder can maintain complete and total control over the channel.
Channel registrations expire 14 days of inactivity or if there are no channel successors.

Chanserv commands begin with /chanserv
Also if setup your bot can assist with ChanServ functions by saying !help in your channel.
HostServ allows users to mask/hide their hostname.
When you connect to the server your masked hostname is visible when you join a channel.
HostServ allows you to change a hostname like SOMEIP.spectrum.com to some.fun.hostname

You can request a new virtual hostname once every 7 days.
Nick registrations are currently manual.
Speak in #HelpDesk to begin the process.

Then going forward when you log in and connect using your nickname you just need to type: /nickserv identify
You can also check "I have a password" and provide your nickserv password. It'll then log you in.

NickName registrations expire after 30 days of inactivity.
Registering channels requires a couple easy steps.
1.) Join the channel you with to register and have OP status (Automatically OP if first person in channel).
2.) Complete Registration form by Clicking Here
3.) Speak with staff in #HelpDesk

Channel registrations are limited. We will approve/deny based on how many channels you have. We do not want to encourage channel hoarding.
General limit is around 8.
There are a couple options available. Keep in mind that sometimes you get disconnected and when you reconnect your prior connection is still there. Eventually those sessions will 'time out' and release the nick. If you do not wish to wait or if someone else is using your nickname you can use NickServ to assist.

If nick is in use type /NickServ recover
This will disconnect that session and allow you to use /nick to change back.

Users will have up to 60 seconds (depending on individual settings) to identify to services before they are changed to a Guest nick.
If Nickserv is holding your nick then use /nickserv recover and NickServ will respond saying it was released (if held).

By default you're given 60 seconds to identify to a nickname if registered. Failure to identify will result in your nick being changed to Guest.
There are four quick commands to reach a service.

Alternatively if you need to send a private message to one you will append @services.tochat.org to the services name. (IE [email protected])
Private message: /msg
There could be a variety of reasons why a channel or nick registration. Below are the most Common.

1.) Channel/Nick expired. (Channels expire after 14 days of inactivity whereas Nicks expire after 30 days of inactivity.)
2.) Nick e-mail registration was not validated with 24 hours. All Channel registrations associated to this nick will also drop if no successor is specified.
3.) Channel/Nick violated Rules/ToS or was otherwise unacceptable.
4.) Channels/Nicks violating rules may be susceptible to being FROZEN. Meaning they can no longer be used.
Website registration is handled by staff.
To register you need to have a nick registered with NickServ.
When identified to the Nick join #HelpDesk and ask staff to activate your account.
You will then receive an e-mail to complete registration/obtain temporary password.

Website and Services do not Share password.
If your nick registration expires your web login will be flagged to be removed as well.
BotServ is a virtual bot service that you can have joined to your channel. In the support forums you can request a custom bot of your own.
BotServ will respond to some of your command via direct message.
Bots provided by BotServ give you additional management options for your channel. IE Giving someone Op status or banning.
Use !Help in your channel where your bot is assigned for more information.

Note: BotServ does base some of its settings based on what you have setup with ChanServ.
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